PreSchool Science Activities: How to Use Everyday Situations to Explain the Whys of the World

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The preschool years are the perfect time to introduce your child to the wonders of science though small and easy activities and games. Since everything at this age seems wondrous and breathtaking, you won’t have trouble getting your child to sit still, and take part in science activities that teach her about actions and reactions.
  • Let her use a block of margarine to scribble on a sheet of paper. Splash some water on the paper. The part with the margarine on it won’t get wet – the water will slip right off. Explain to her why this happens, that oil and water never mix. Show her more examples of this – mix cooking oil and water together, and show her the result. Point out gasoline layers on puddles of water.
  • Let her hold a candle like a crayon, and draw on a piece of paper. To reveal what she has drawn, let her paint the page. She can also use potato juice or lemon juice for the same effect. Explain the concept of invisible ink.
  • Use gardening and plants to explain the concept of photosynthesis. Place two pots of plants in two separate locations – one in a dark closet, and one in the sunlight. Water both equally, and observe the difference in the two plants after a few days.
  • Drop a few seeds in a cup full of soil, and cover with plastic. Keep in a sunny area. Monitor the progress of the seeds as they begin to sprout.
  • Play with your shadows. Switch off the lights, light a candle and make animal shadows on the wall. Compare your own shadows on the walls. Point out your shadows in the daytime and at different times of the day.

Science is actually more interesting to many preschoolers than learning counting or the alphabet. The results are always so astounding, and magical to little eyes.
Have fun with these!

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