"Preschool learning- Why we need early childhood education"

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Preschool learning is a much talked about subject amongst parents. While some parents look at it as an unnecessary burden, there are others who recognize the fact that it’s no longer a luxury but a necessity that exposes kids to structured learning from a very early age. After all, there is something extraordinary about kids that helps them learn so much during the first few years of life. Kids are able to master a lot of skills seemingly well without any efforts. So, new habits can be incorporated with relative ease.

The most crucial learning and development experiences happenearly in life in partnership with caretakers and parents. Hence, the importance of early childhood education cannot be undermined. After all, optimizing early experiencesof a child’s life can prove to be the best investmentmade by parents towards their child’s future.

As a matter of fact, several researcheshaveshown that our brain develops rapidly from birth to age three. It’s a phase when the child develops great deal of cognitive skills along with social, emotional and behavioural skills.They learn how to be respectful, how to share things with peers and also to do small tasks on their own. Moreover, it helps them develop a positive attitude towards education from an early age.

Early childhood education provides kids with more time for learning and for incorporating new habits. They are more likely to succeed because of this upper edge. It’s found out that most kids with early education have enhanced attention spans and better grades as well in subsequent schooling years. Hence, depriving children from the best of learning at this age can prove to be a fatal mistake.
Being exposed to letters, numbers, puzzles and other productive games also improves hand-eye co-ordination. A great deal of informative and interesting education related subjects is generally covered in preschool learning.Exposure with other children helps them overcome shyness and gain the much-needed confidence to enjoy life better. So, high qualitypreschool learning can provide short term and long term benefits on a kid’s social and cognitive development. Therefore, it won’t be an understatement to claim that earlychildhood educationcan deliver long lasting positive effect. In fact, a good education system in the early years can ensure a child’s development on almost all fronts.

These days, special attention is given to a child’s safety as well. So, one can be assured that the child is left in safe hands as long as one enrols in a good preschool. Remember, preschool learning is all about having fun while developing intellectually andemotionally. It’s definitely not about achieving academic milestones. So, kids should not be exposed to any kind of academic burden during early childhood education.

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